Mr C and his Mommy {Mommy and Me Session} NJ Child and Family Photography~Blairstown NJ

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This session has my heart...

The love these two share is beautiful. 

The love a Momma has for her child is immeasurable and their love

shines in these images.

I want a session like this with my kids, just me and them, so when they grow up, 

they will forever not only know but see in my eyes the way that I loved them.

(Que the tears...)

I feel like the days pass so quickly when I look back, but while they are happening, I tend to rush through.

I do not want to miss one second of my babies as they grow and I am sure many of you do not either.

​At times throughout the day I want to pull my hair out

but when I put them to bed and see their sweet sleeping faces

I am reminded that they are just kids, babies, my babies.


So what I am trying to say here

(I am not as creative with words as I am with my photography, lol)

is this,

look for the positive in every day,  hug your babies

and be present in their lives because

one day we will all look back and they will be grown. 


Well that is not where I started with this blog post but I am glad it went there :)

​With that said, here are some adorable images of this sweet little boy and his equally sweet Mommy.

​Enjoy and thank you for a wonderful session on this chilly day back in January... will be his first kiss, his first love, his first friend,

You are his Momma and He is your whole world.

He is your little boy...<3 

~author unknown


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