The Adventures of the Guiles Kids ~ Week One ~ #StayAtHome

March 26, 2020  •  4 Comments

Hey guys, I hope you are all hanging in there!

For many of us we are well on our way into week #2 of our venture into temporary homeschooling.

I decided last week to document our time at home for a number of reasons.... First, I love taking photos, we are home and I have the time to take those everyday shots,  the photographer in my is crying inside because I can't do what I love

and this right here is history, what is happening right now will be talked about in schools to our childrens children.


Why not give my kids something that captures this time in their lives.

They are 9 and 7 and when they are in High school or College

I am sure that they will have forgotten much of what happened. 

I am truly interested to see what they recall from this time, what they remember and how it affected them.

In the meantime, I can soothe my creative soul by putting my photography skills back to work and

take some lifestyle/ documentary photos of my own family

( although Im sure there will be very few of my husband because he has an aversion to being in photos, lol)


Thank you so much  for following along and thanks for always supporting my small business, this mama truly appreciates it!

When all this is over and I can get back to work, be sure to look out for some specials!!


So here we go....

Week one 

The Adventures of The Guiles Kids




Working hard and not wearing pajamas to start out the will notice that changed and she has pretty much been wearing pjs them since LOL

Well my dining room has never seen so much use....


Some down time ;)

The dog wondering where his quiet time is...and why are these kids still home? 

Self portrait drawings

Listening along as the author Dan Gutman of The Weird School Series reads from his book

(Side note :What an awesome thing he and so many others are doing to help these

kids have fun learning during this unprecedented time in our lives )

Putting this girl to work ;)

I feel ya buddy,  I feel ya

The kids decided on making Magic Ooze for our experiment and lets just say the amount of food coloring was excessive and they both needed showers to scrub the green off LOL 


Drake still can't figure out what is happening...

Learning how to draw Grumpy Toad from the author of Pete The Cat



We discovered McHarper Manor during this week as well and it has been awesome! I you haven't found them yet, its a must, they are a small studio in Ohio that started doing Facebook Lives for their local customers and well it blew up!! She offers wonderful art lessons for kids everyday at 1pm. She just committed to doing a 4th week as well (in week 2 now). What a wonderful thing they are doing for our kids! Mine look forward to "Art Class" everyday :) 

Sloth Painting

Kenzie is learning about Tornadoes so we found a simple experiment for them to try 

Chalk Pastel Galaxies with McHarper Manor 

Oh you know just dirt biking down the street in pajamas and rain boots 

Wyatt was doing a Mystery Science lesson on Frogs and their sounds so Kenz joined and

GASP  they worked together to figure out the different noises without fighting....

its the little things 

More fun with McHarper Manor 

I also started following Raddish Kids, she did a Facebook live on Friday afternoon and made donut holes, the kids LOVED following along and of course eating them !

They spent a ton of time outside whenever possible, they even came up with their own Ninja Warrior course, it was really fun to see them working together and cheering each other on. My kids are 2 years apart so much of the time is spent bickering with each other, lol 

Nothing but AIR

These shots are by far some of my fave from the past week and the kids loved them because it looks like they are flying lol 

Even Peaches got some fresh air this past weekend!

(also this is evidence that my husband does like her too, that would be his handing petting her, lol) 

Of course they got bored and asked for a treasure Hunt (thank for goodness for pinterest!) 


Week One is done and we survived! I have to say I have been looking for the bright spots during this extremely scary time in our world. I have found so many of them...just being together, not rushing from one activity to the next, playing games together and watching the kids learn, and sitting down to dinner together are just a few.

I am constantly praying for all those who are essential ( my husband included) that have to be out there right now in this world doing their job. I pray for all the healthcare workers everyday that they will be safe from this virus and have access to the protective equipment that they need.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Thanks so much for following along on our journey through this quarantine.  


The Ninja pictures were the best!
Wow you really seem to capture some candid photos. Thanks for sharing your journey through al of this.
Kristine Guiles(non-registered)
This is BEAUTIFUL! I have tears in my eyes, I miss you all so much. Love, Mom
I loved reading every moment of their adventures... great week 1 mama!!!
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